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I am proud to be from Jefferson County.  I was raised here, and chose to start my businesses and raise my own family here.  I want to give back to the wonderful people and amazing communities that make up District 5, and help realize the county's full potential.
Fiscal Responsibility

Steve will work to develop multi-jurisdictional agreements, creating better cooperation between municipalities in order to save taxpayer money.

No New Taxes

Steve will protect the tax dollars of hardworking Jefferson County families, and fight any efforts to raise taxes.

Right Sizing Government

Steve will fight to maintain a right sized county government, and push back against any efforts to expand it unnecessarily.

Economic Development

Steve will bring business leaders together, to increase economic development and job growth in Jefferson County.

Crime and Safety

Steve will back Sheriff's Office initiatives that support law enforcement throughout the county.

Improved Infrastructure

Steve will work to ensure Jefferson County roads are maintained and improve all other infrastructure.